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Basic introduction of Contactors
Sep 04, 2018

In the electrical engineering, because the AC and DC main circuit can be quickly cut off and can be frequently connected with large current control (some types can reach 800 amps) of the circuit, so often used in the motor as a control object, also can be used as control plant equipment ﹑ electric heater ﹑ machine tools and various power units and other power load, Contactor not only can connect and cut off the circuit, but also has the low voltage release protection function. The contactor has large control capacity and is suitable for frequent operation and long distance control.is one of the important components in the automatic control system.Simply put, the principle of the contactor is to control the main circuit of the main contact through the control circuit through the auxiliary contact of the through-break to achieve the control circuit requirements.In the industrial electric, the contactor model is many, the electric current in the 5a-1000a range, its use is quite extensive.

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