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Control loop
Sep 04, 2018

1, should be able to monitor the control loop protection device and its jumping, closing circuit integrity, in order to ensure the normal work of the circuit breaker;

2, should be able to indicate the circuit breaker normal closing and the position of the gate, and in the automatic closing and automatic tripping when there is a clear indication signal;

3, closing and tripping after completion, should be able to make the command pulse release, that can cut off or tripping the power supply;

4, in the absence of mechanical anti-jumping device, should be installed electrical anti-jumping device;

5, Circuit breaker accident trip signal circuit, should press  "does not correspond to the principle of" wiring;

6, for the possibility of abnormal working condition or failure of equipment, should be equipped with a warning signal; 7, the spring operating mechanism, manual operation of the power supply can be DC or AC, electromagnetic operating mechanism of the power requirements with DC.

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