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Structural characteristics of thermal overload relays
Sep 04, 2018

A current regulating cam is used to adjust the setting current.

There is a temperature compensation device to ensure that the operating characteristics of the -20c~60c in the surrounding medium temperature range basically unchanged.

There are reset adjustment knob to adjust the reset mode, there are manual and automatic two kinds of reset state.

A spring-loaded flip-out mechanism is available to ensure quick and reliable contact movements.

There is a differential phase/three-phase unbalance protection device. A detection slider/switch position indicator simulates the tripping of the thermal relay and displays the action status. This analog method checks and ensures that the auxiliary circuit is properly wired.

When the marking on the slider shows the trip at the "0" sign, the work is displayed at the "L" sign.

With the Disconnect button, when the Disconnect button is pressed, the normally closed contact opens the series contactor open, disconnects the load, releases the Disconnect button, and the load reloads the new work through the contactor.

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