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Turning The Operating Handle
Sep 04, 2018

Apply to the molded case circuit breaker, the cover of the circuit breaker, the body of the rotating operation handle, the hinge of the handle is installed in the hole of its mechanism, the other end of the hinge is through the door hole of the drawer cabinet, the handle of the revolving handle is installed on the door of the complete set of the hinge head, the round or square seat of the This installation enables the operator to rotate the handle clockwise or counterclockwise through the handles of the door to ensure that the breaker is turned on or off. At the same time turning the handle can ensure that the circuit breaker in the closing, the door can not be opened, only the rotation of the handle in the gate or buckle, switch plate door to open. In case of emergency, the circuit breaker in the "closing" and need to open the door, you can move the handle seat on the side of the Red release button.

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