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Under-voltage Tripping Device
Sep 04, 2018

An undervoltage release is a tripping device that has a delay or no-delay disconnection when its end voltage drops to a specified range, and the Undervoltage release should operate when the supply voltage drops (or even slowly) to the range of 70% to 35% of the rated operating voltage, Under-voltage tripping device when the supply voltage is equal to the 35% of the rated operating voltage of the tripping device, the undervoltage tripping device should be able to prevent the circuit breaker from closing; When the supply voltage is equal to or greater than 85% the rated operating voltage of the undervoltage release, the circuit breaker should be guaranteed to be closed reliably in hot conditions. Therefore, when the power supply voltage in the protected circuit has a certain voltage drop, can automatically disconnect the circuit breaker to cut off the power supply, so that the circuit breaker under the load of electrical appliances or electrical equipment from under-voltage damage. When used, the Undervoltage release coil is connected to the circuit breaker power supply side, the undervoltage tripping device is energized, the circuit breaker can close the switch.

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